1. Why should I buy Digital Marketing Service?

Digital Marketing Services helps your business grow at a rapid pace with the Internet of Things and thereby a lot of people can be precisely targeted over the web. It is an inexpensive way of marketing your company with a proper business/ consumer targeting.


2. What are the service being provided by Planet DM?

Planet DM, an exclusive digital marketing store aims at catering the various dedicated packages to the respective business as per their industry exposure

The services that we offer are:

  • Website Design
  • Social Media Marketing Services (SMM)
  • Pay Per Click Services (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing Services (SEM)


3. Why you should prefer Planet DM

  • Our deliveries are powered by InnoServ Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in the respective field and many happy clients across the country
  •  Suitable product at a much affordable price then industry standards
  • Making business reach to more customers nearby, increasing their awareness, and amplifying the business


4. Which digital marketing service is best suitable for my business?

After the package(s) are bought, PlanetDM understand your business requirement and accordingly frame the most suitable strategy that can add value to your business.


5. What should be my initial budget when stepping into the digital marketing world?

With a budget as low as Rs. 10,000, the businesses can make their way to the digital marketing world.


6. Do I need to create an account before purchasing the service?

This restriction is provided for your own security.

This keeps all the transactions that you will make linked to your database at the back end. So if there is any technical ambiguity, your transaction can easily be traced.

Moreover, it helps us address your queries in a better way and helps to provide you better services


7. Do I need to confirm my email after registering?

Yes, the email confirmation will help in verifying the email address so the services sought can be delivered to the proper business.


8. My details are wrongly filled, What should I do?

You can always update your personal details from your respective account by going on "Edit Profile". In case, if the issue still persists, you can always reach out to our helpdesk at the designated email address, contact number mentioned in the website.


9. What package should I go ahead with which will both be effective as well as economical?

Depending on the business exposure, the package can be chosen. In case, if the business is

B2B : LinkedIn, Twitter are more effective in Social Media Platform

B2C: Facebook, Twitter are more effective in Social Media Platform

For any further clarification or analysis, you can always reach to our helpdesk at the stated email/ contact number mentioned in the portal.


10. I am confused, which package or digital marketing platform is best suited for my business. What should I do?

You can always reach to our helpdesk for any clarification regarding the Digital Marketing solutions for your business.


11. Can I buy multiple service package/ integrated digital marketing solution at once?

Yes, you can buy multiple package/ integrated Digital Marketing service at once. An integrated solution helps you in catching multiple platforms simultaneously depending on the fore decided targets can help in increasing your business reach.


12. What is the time period that I should choose best suited to my business need?

Digital Marketing Strategy becomes more effective if a stipulated time is allotted to it. So, it would rather be suggested to have a service package for a minimum of 3 months in order to analyze its effectiveness.


13. What is the difference between the starter, business and the enterprise packages?

The three different versions of packages are designated to the need of the various business sizes, and their need. Starter pack generally is preferable for the business having their first step on the digital marketing or for a startup and correspondingly the higher version can be preferred as per the enterprise and the higher business requirement.

In case of any further clarification, please feel free to reach to our helpdesk.


14. What are the payment options available?

We encourage all kinds of payment options available. All credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, cash cards and mobile payments are accepted.


15. How should I ensure that the payment gateway adopted by Planet DM is safe?

Planet DM uses CC Avenue, a well trusted merchant avenue for the payment gateway which ensures the proper processing of payment. Also, the website is protected with the various firewalls in order to avoid any exposure to vulnerability from the hackers.

  • CCAvenues server is behind state of the art security firewalls to ensure maximum protection of your customers details. This guarantees that your information is inaccessible to any third party.
  • CCAvenue® uses industry-standard Verisign’s 128 bit SSL (Standard Sockets Layer) Technology, which is used worldwide, for data encryption.
  • CCAvenue® also follows strict in-house security guidelines for ensuring confidentiality of your customer information.
  • Since the Payment Gateway application software is maintained at secure high end server, new payment technologies, standards and features are automatically implemented as they emerge. The payment gateway is integrated with risk management component, which empowers them with the ability to control risk effectively. These robust risk management tools and fraud filters include:
    • Risk Management Rules and Parameters. 
    • Negative Files.
    • Risk Management Queries, thereby making your E-commerce transactions safe and confidential.


16. What is the procedure for cancelling/refunding the requested order?

The cancellation and refund policy is mentioned at the bottom of the web pages of our website. It is advised that you read all the terms and condition as well as the policies of the organization before you proceed to transact with the organization. For any further queries, you reach to our helpdesk at the stated e-mail address/ contact number mentioned in the website.


17. My transaction failed. How and when will my money be getting refunded?

During the course of transaction, if any error occurs and the transaction gets failed, and the account was charged for it, the same amount will be refunded to the particular account within the next 7 working days. For any more clarification, please feel free to reach to the helpdesk.


18. What is CC Avenue checkout?

The new feature of CC Avenue launch will let you save your all cards in a place to make the transaction more ease. The user will receive a corresponding mail from CC Avenue as soon as he paid for a service, the user can then directly go to the link received in the mail and can make their credentials for the CC Avenue portal as well. Henceforth, going forward the user can directly fetch the card from the CC avenue check in and enter the CVV number(which was not stored) for the payment.


18. What should I do after I purchase the service?

As soon as the service is purchased, you will get a confirmation call/receipt or email for the same followed by the delivery process.


19. After the service is purchased, when can I expect a communication from Planet DM?

As soon as the service is purchased, you will receive communication in the next 24-48 working hours for the confirmation receipt.


20. After the service is purchased, from when can I expect the service to get started?

After the order is received at PlanetDMs desk, a company information sheet is sent to the business and a cold call is arranged regarding the same. Further, it will take around 5 working days to propose the desired strategy and subsequently the service can be initiated.


21. What happens if the period of service is completed/if I want to extend the service?

After the completion of the service period, you can extend your service period buying the service package online or if you want to switch to the higher version between the already purchased service period, you can reach out to our helpdesk at the mentioned email/ contact number.


22. How can I upgrade my service package?

You can upgrade your services by buying a higher versions of the service from the portal www.planet-dm.com or can also get in touch with our helpdesk in case if you want to upgrade your service within the last package service period.


23. When should I upgrade?

Depending on the increased business/ or making your reach to more potential audience, the service accordingly can be upgraded for greater effectiveness with a proper focus on more parameters. For any further queries/ assistance, please feel free to reach to our helpdesk at the designated e-mail and contact number mentioned in the website.


24. Are there any other fees or tax apart from what is mentioned in the website?

No, apart from the price and tax mentioned in the website, no other charges are levied for the service. Value added service with respect to additional campaign other than what is mentioned in the features will be separately charged.


25. Can I meet the representatives of the company before I buy the services?

There are various platforms already integrated in the website in regards for any clarification like the contact number/ support email address/ the chat feature. In case, if still any further issue persists, depending on the availability of the representatives, the meeting can be arranged at the company headquarter.


26. How can I get the updated news/updates regarding any policy changes?

Any policy changes in the organization will certainly be informed to the client/ business via email.


27. How can I get myself subscribed to the recent newsletter and updates regarding the organization?

Please specify your email address at the bottom of the webpage and click on Go in order to receive the frequent updates regarding the company.


28. Where will I get coupon code?

As per the respective occasion, PlanetDM may come up with some offerings which will be informed to the business via email, social media platform and so on.


For any more enquiry, please get in touch with us at

E-mail: support@planet-dm.com

Phone: +91-9867264535